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Egress window cost


window replacement are becoming increasingly popular; many factors form the prices. You can use the online PVC windows calculator to calculate the plastic windows. To determine the approximate cost of plastic windows calculator is an indispensable assistant window companies near me. As for a more detailed calculation - it will make our employee come to you with all the necessary tools.

If you have decided on the choice and know exactly what you need in plastic windows, the prices, the calculator will help you to calculate the required amount. The calculation assumes that you are guided by the variety of goods offered and choose the type that best suits you.

Single sash windows

Most often installed in the kitchens of typical apartments. The customer can opt for one of the options: standard window, rotary, or window with swing-tilt sash. Then, an opening transom can be added at the customer's request. Knowing the type of plastic windows and dimensions, you can quickly calculate their price.egress window installation near me

Double sash windows

This is the most popular variety. Such PVC windows are versatile, the cost of which is easy to calculate with the calculator.

Tri-fold windows

For such PVC windows, the price calculation is more complicated, as they have larger sizes. However, these windows are ideal for an office or spacious living room, providing sufficient natural daylight.

T-shaped double casement windows.

It is supplemented with a transom that can be opened. The cost of this type of plastic window depends on the variation of sash devices.

T-shaped triple sash windows

These are expansive windows equipped with a fanlight. The size and combination of sashes can be completely different, depending on the customer's wishes.

Our company offers its customers various solutions, of which you can easily choose what you need. For example, if you are interested in plastic windows in installments - our experts will always meet you halfway. Were you looking for the ad "plastic windows by installments"? Then you are at the right place - we have a flexible discount system. In a word, everything is for your convenience.

Do you know what you pay when you buy a plastic window? How much does the translucent construction cost, why, what percentage of this amount involves installation, and how much will you spend on delivery?

Meanwhile, the price can say a lot about the company where the order is placed:

  • Whether it is dubious or reliable.
  • Whether it overstates or understates the cost.
  • What quality you can count on.

But if you do not know the answer to these questions, there is nothing to discuss.

For example, how much do plastic windows cost now?

In general, the market for plastic windows is stagnating. In addition to the negative impact on the economy of the recent events in the country, the situation is complicated by the fact that 56% of real estate properties built before 1995 are glazed with new energy-saving windows: the need for glazing is decreasing every day.

However, consumers benefit from this situation. As of March 2014, the average market price of plastic windows has decreased by 7.8% compared to the previous month, down to $72 per unit. A decrease of 6.7% is also observed in the turnkey window sales sector, to $111 per square meter.

The cheapest windows are in the country's southern regions: the average market price dropped to $57 8%, while the average cost of turnkey windows was $83 per square meter (a 6.2% decrease).

The highest prices are in Boston ($80, a decrease of 7.6%, turnkey prices are $127 per square meter, a reduction of 6.2%), and (prices fell by 11.4%, to $82, turnkey prices by 9%, to $127 per square meter).

The pricing policy of window companies

In today's market, this situation is widespread:

Company A offers windows at prices 10-15% higher than the market average, ostensibly because it works with the best European components.

Company B is ready to sell at prices 10-15% lower because it works with Russian profiles and fittings, which are inferior in quality but are cheaper.

Company B has been successfully operating in the market for a long time, and its business processes have been correctly optimized; therefore, it offers windows with European components (the same as in Company A) at an average market price.

The most exciting thing is that these companies will find their customers. Although, of course, for someone, the critical factor will be low cost, someone will think that the more expensive, the better quality, and for someone, the primary role will be played by the popularity of the brand and its reputation. But the fact is that, depending on the goals and objectives of the company, the cost of a typical plastic window can vary significantly, and the price difference can be up to 30%.

But there are more objective factors influencing the pricing.

Window parameters: when you can save money, but when it is undesirable

It may sound like platitudes, but you can not form a complete picture without mentioning them. Window size and shape, frame color, type of glass and profile, and the cost of accessories and fittings - are characteristics that directly affect the price of the finished window. Of course, a translucent design for a typical window opening will cost less than an arched, triangular, or skylight of the same size.

Are you sure you need exactly that kind of glass unit?

The cost of the insulating glass unit is 80% of the cost of the window construction. This is probably the most critical part of the window (not the profile, as window companies used to say) because it is the insulating glass unit that determines heat and sound insulation, light transmission, and the degree of color distortion.

The most straightforward and inexpensive solution is the double-glazed window, which provides a comfortable temperature in the room with minimal heat loss even in the coldest winter. On the other hand, its "competitor" can be only a double-glazed window with energy-saving i-glass: its price is much higher, but in a few years, it pays off entirely due to the heating costs reduction. Accordingly, it would help if you chose what is more important at a particular moment: to save money on the purchase now or to pay more but reduce energy costs in the future.

But suppose you do not live in the far north, and the manager of the window company assures you that the ideal glazing for your specific case is the installation of three-chamber pane units with energy-saving glass and argon gas filling. In that case, you should seriously think about it. But, of course, such solutions are only appropriate in sporadic cases and when glazing private houses.

In some cases, for example, if the windows of your apartment face a busy thoroughfare, you may need additional soundproofing, which is achieved not so much by increasing the number of chambers as by the difference in their thickness and the thickness of the glass.

Let's look at the profile.

Let's take a look and quickly move on. There is no question that windows made with profiles of unfamiliar brands should not even be considered. There are three manufacturers on the market whose products are 100% high quality and offered by most window companies. And if so, why experiment? We choose a window with a KVE, Rehau, or Veka profile, and you can be sure you have not made a mistake.

The only nuance - the profile can also have a few or many chambers, and the cost depends on this. According to construction norms in Russia, a two-chamber profile is sufficient for residential use. However, manufacturers are constantly developing new systems, increasing the number of chambers to six. Increased and the profile price, which, of course, affects the final cost of the window.

The question is whether you need a modern six-chamber profile? It is necessary if the goal is to maximize the house's energy efficiency or create a home with zero energy consumption. It will be helpful to buy and for residents of northern regions. In all other cases, it just does not make sense.

Useful little things: fittings

Again, we will not consider cheap hardware, which does not allow regular window operation, negatively affects its technical characteristics, and quickly fails.

The price can only affect their composition and quantity when using high-quality hinges, latches, and other accessories. For example, it is not necessary to equip all of the windows in a room with turn-and-tilt mechanisms, as well as the color: fittings not white shade will cost more.

You may also need non-standard windows: for example, with a mechanism for micro-slot ventilation, all sorts of valves, and sensors. Here, too, it is worth thinking carefully about how much you need all of this, as the final cost may significantly increase.

Window sill or drainage, increased width, mosquito nets, using sandwich panels instead of PVC for window sill installation: all these parameters also affect the price.

And a few more pricing factors.

These include delivery, installation, and warranty, which add another 45-50% to the cost of the window. Companies that value their reputation put these costs in the price of the window, and it is safer since it is prescribed in the contract: there is a guarantee that after all the work, the amount did not suddenly increase.

The cost of delivery, as a rule, little varies, unless we are talking about delivery to another region. As for installation, its price depends on the complexity and the list of works: for example, whether it includes the dismantling and removal of old windows, one window opening should be glazed, or several at once (in the second case, the price is likely to be lower).

The warranty on the windows - is the price of your peace of mind, so the presence of this item should upset you the least.

Suppose you do not want to limit yourself in choosing window parameters yet save money. In that case, you may want to follow the seasonal and pre-holiday window company promotions: during these periods, the discount can reach 50-70%.

A plastic window as a product is a total of its components, including optional and specific parameters, unique to each customer. Individual approach in calculating the cost - a natural consequence. So, what affects the price of a plastic window?

  1. First, the cost of the plastic window depends on the quality of the profile, or more precisely - the structure of the plastic from which the window is made. The more mounting depth (thickness) of the profile system, more chambers (better insulation), more sealing rubber (to ensure a tight fit of the frame to the sash - better protection against blowing), the more complicated the production process of the window, and therefore - the whole structure will cost more.
  2. The manufacturer of the plastic window profile also matters.
  3. The price is influenced by design - there is a particular fashion for plastic windows too. The modern design window - with smooth lines and rounded edges - will cost a little more.
  4. Custom color will increase the cost of the plastic window. Laminated (coated with a durable colored film) on one side of the window will cost about 20% more than regular white. If the color coating is on both sides, the price will increase by 35-40% compared to a white window.
  5. Rather noticeable on the price of plastic windows affects the number of opening sashes. The more deaf (not opening) sashes, the cheaper the window. Each new opening adds to the price from $31 to $54, depending on the profile class. But the convenient tilt-turn sash is not much more expensive than the usual rotary - the difference is only $ 5-8.
  6. Insulating glass - the thicker it is and the more chambers it has, the more expensive the window. Energy-saving glass, tinting, decorative layout, and thick glass for additional soundproofing increase the cost of the insulating glass unit. The price difference between the single glass unit (24 mm) and the standard double-glazed unit (32 mm) is not very big - within $ 12 per window.
  7. The cost of PVC windows is affected by the hardware - the mechanism that ensures opening/closing. Responsible manufacturers of plastic windows do not save on hardware and cooperate with reliable manufacturers. NEW WINDOWS use German Roto window hardware with a lifetime of at least 15000 cycles (about 20 years). This mechanism is not afraid of rain and frost, will not creak, close smoothly, and is easily adjusted.
  8. Non-standard design of the plastic window - for example, arched - will increase its cost relative to the window of a rectangular shape.
  9. The total cost of the order will affect the installation price. It depends, first and foremost, on the characteristics of the building where the windows will be installed. In a brick house, the structure is more complex than in a panel building and requires higher skills and more effort. Installing PVC windows in a brick house will require more consumables, including installation foam, so that such installation will cost about 10% more than in a panel house. Also, brick homes have wider soffits and window sills, increasing the overall cost of window installation.
  10. Plastic soffits are quite a costly expense item. In a panel house, you can spend between $31 and $54 per window on insulated plastic soffits. A cheaper option is to plaster the linings, but you must repeat this dusty work periodically. Plastic soffits will last as long as the window and, unlike application, will not require additional investment for repairs, which means they will be more profitable in the long run. In addition, the sandwich panel linings we use will provide extra heat and sound insulation for the window.

Finished solutions

Windows can have a standard design or an original design. Oval, arched, round, trapezoidal... Whatever shape your openings are, we will offer the perfect solution.

If you need windows of a non-standard shape, contact us by phone or online and get a custom cost calculation.

What makes up the price of a window 

1. Configuration and Dimensions

Each window is individual. The more complex the design, the higher the cost. However, if we compare the amount you spend to buy a window of unusual shape or performance and the aesthetic effect that can be achieved by using it, the purchase can safely be called more than profitable!

2. Reliability and Quality

The high quality of each window, regardless of class, is confirmed by a German IFT Rosenheim Door Institute certificate. The insulating glass unit provides unsurpassed thermal protection. Our clients know what they pay their money for when buying the windows!

3. More options

By combining the requirements of different categories of customers and a range of the most innovative window accessories, our experts have developed a range of options to improve your home! Additional options make your windows quieter, safer, and more comfortable!

How do the models differ from each other?

Level of heat retention

Each model corresponds to a particular class of heat protection, so you can choose exactly the one that will meet the climatic characteristics of your region, the type of room, and unique ideas about the comfortable temperature regime.


Classic series windows, with strict forms and traditional design, are created for connoisseurs of classics. The Esthetic series presents models with rounded outlines and white seals designed for fans of elegance.

The glazing unit is the main detail of the window, which largely determines the room's microclimate and the service life of the entire window construction. In this article, we talk about one of the modern insulating glass units, which is very popular today - multifunctional glass.

Multifunctional glass is an advanced window with a special coating that protects against solar radiation and keeps heat in the room.

Technical specifications

Multifunctional glass can be two-chamber (three glasses) and single-chamber (two glasses). In terms of heat-saving characteristics, a single-chamber multifunction window is equal to a conventional double-glazed window.

Glass coating structure:

  • The lower and upper layers of glass are coated with nitrides and oxides, which create "mirroring."
  • The silver oxide layer reflects thermal radiation from the battery and sends it back into the room.
  • A protective coating is needed to prevent scratches and damage to the glass.

Multifunctional glazing does not differ much in appearance from a conventional window, except in some cases: the glass may have a blue or green tint.

Also, suppose there is a desire to improve the thermal insulation properties of the window. In that case, you can put a thermal frame made of polypropylene, covered with steel foil on top, and inside which there is a unique material to collect moisture - an absorbent.

Multifunctional glass has some advantages:

  • Good thermal insulation. Thanks to a particular layer of metal, the glass reflects the infrared (heat) rays from the battery, keeping them in the room.
  • The presentable appearance of furniture and walls. Multifunctional glass transmits light but does not transmit ultraviolet radiation, thus saving furniture and wallpaper from burning.
  • The implementation of any design ideas. Multifunctional glass can be bent to give it the necessary shape.
  • Safety. The mirror property of multifunctional glass protects the owners of the apartment from prying eyes.
  • No condensation. Multifunctional windows prevent the appearance of tiny droplets of moisture between the panes.

The disadvantages include that multifunctional glass does not let the heat from the street into the room in the summer. However, even here, it is not unambiguous: in this way, you can save money on air conditioning.

Where are multifunctional double-glazed windows used?

Multifunctional glass can be installed in buildings:

  • administrative;
  • residential;
  • manufacturing, etc.

The glass unit with a special coating for the Russian climate is especially relevant because we have regions with large temperature fluctuations. Thanks to the multifunctional glass, in winter, more than half of the heat radiation from the radiator is reflected and returns to the room. In summer, on the contrary, it is excellent in the room because the glass prevents the penetration of heat rays from the street.

How much does a multifunctional glass unit cost

Suppose you compare conventional windows with a multifunctional glass unit, the latter "wins," as it has some advantages - protection from the sun, thermal insulation, mirror, etc. However, the cost of such glass depends on the glass used and the size of the window opening. Although the price is higher than that of conventional windows, it pays for itself over time, as it saves energy.

Egress window cost

  window replacement are becoming increasingly popular; many factors form the prices. You can use the online PVC windows calculator to calc...